How Long Does It Take to Get Into Outer Space?

There is no specific time for getting into outer space as it depends on the type of technology used in a mission, the destination and the position of the planets. Another factor to consider is the distance from Earth to the destination; for example, Mars is the second closest planet to Earth after Venus. However, the distance keeps changing as the planets rotate around the sun.

The shortest distance between Mars and Earth is when Mars is close to the sun while the Earth is further away, putting them 33.9 million miles apart. Unfortunately, this has never before happened in recorded history. The closest distance between the two planets occurred in 2003 when they were 34.8 million miles apart. When the two planets are at their farthest points from the sun, the distance becomes 250 million miles. The average distance is 140 million miles. It is estimated that NASA's New Horizons, the fastest spacecraft, would take 39 to 289 days to reach Mars, depending on the position of the planets.

It took the New Horizons spacecraft 8 hours and 35 minutes to fly past the moon, making the best record as the shortest time for a spacecraft to reach the moon. Many factors need to be taken into account, including fuel efficiency, in order to help determine the time used in reaching outer space.