How Long Does It Take the Liver to Regenerate?

The liver can completely repair damaged areas within 30 days, according to the University of Iowa. The liver is the only organ that can replace damaged tissue with new cells instead of scar tissue. However, when scar tissue does develop in the liver from cirrhosis, for instance, it isn’t replaced with new cells. An overdose of Tylenol can kill 50 to 60 percent of liver cells in about three days.

After alcohol, Tylenol is the second most common cause of liver damage. Individuals who consume two or more drinks daily and take the recommended dosage of Tylenol risk severe liver damage. Although alcohol abuse is linked to liver disease, there are more than 100 other causes, including hepatitis, obesity and exposure to certain chemicals, reports the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Hepatitis refers to inflammation of and damage to the liver, which could be caused by drugs, toxins, alcohol, inherited or metabolic disease or a virus. Most people diagnosed with Hepatitis C were exposed to infected needles or blood, had tattoos or body piercing or exchanged bodily fluids with an infected person. Inadvertent exposure could come from sharing a razor, toothbrush or manicure tools. There are no symptoms specifically associated with liver disease.