How Long Does It Take Jupiter to Complete a Revolution Around the Sun?

long-jupiter-complete-revolution-around-sun Credit: Erik Simonsen/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

It takes Jupiter approximately 4,332 Earth days, or about 11.86 years, to complete a revolution around the Sun. Jupiter's average orbit distance from the Sun is 778 million kilometers, which is a little more than five times as far as the 150 million kilometers that Earth is from the Sun on average. The fifth-closest planet to the Sun, Jupiter is also the largest planet in the solar system.

There are many differences between Jupiter and the Earth. Because Jupiter's axis only tilts 3.13 degrees, there are no seasonal differences in exposure to the Sun's rays. If people lived on Jupiter, they would not experience the changes that come in the spring and fall.

Also, Jupiter's day is much shorter than Earth's. Spinning quickly on its axis, Jupiter completes a rotation every 9.97 hours, a speed that has turned the planet into a flattened spheroid rather than a perfect sphere. If you measure the diameter at the equator and then again at the poles, the diameter is almost 10,000 kilometers longer at the equator, which demonstrates the flattening of the planet.

The distance from Earth to Jupiter ranges from 893 million kilometers to 964 million kilometers depending on where they are in their various orbits. While the planet Jupiter is not hospitable for human life, the possibility exists that one of its many moons might present habitable conditions.