How Long Is a 1-Kilometer Race?


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A 1-kilometer race is equal to racing 0.62137 miles, or 1093.6 yards. In modern athletics, there is no race that is the equivalent of 1 kilometer, although there is an occasional 1-mile event, which is the equivalent of 1.609344 kilometers.

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Most modern races derive their distances from imperial length races in the past. The 100-meter race evolved from the 100-yard dash, the 200-meter race came from the 220-yard race, the 400-meter was once the 440-yard race and the 800-meter originated from the 880-yard race. The 1500-meter race originated from the European continent, where race tracks were 500 meters long and the 1500-meter race was a common event consisting of three times round the track.

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