How Do You Find the Location of Satellites?


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Find real-time satellite locations on websites like In-The-Sky.org and NASA.gov. The former offers a flat map projection, while both sites provide an interactive 3D globe of the Earth with many satellites shown as they orbit the planet.

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How Do You Find the Location of Satellites?
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The In-The-Sky.org 3D map provides information such as the name of the satellite, its altitude, its distance from the Earth, its magnitude and its altitude and azimuth coordinates. Users can zoom in on the globe to show the closer near-Earth satellites or zoom out to show the wider constellation of GPS satellites that occupy a medium-Earth orbit. The website features the ability to set a specific date and time in the past or future to predict the locations of the viewable satellites.

The NASA website uses an Interactive Satellite Viewer to show updated satellite positions around a virtual globe. Clicking on an icon reveals the ID number, velocity, latitude and longitude, and height or altitude of the orbiting satellite. It also shows the orbital ring of the device, viewed as a circle or elliptic depending on the orbit. Holding down the mouse button over the globe allows users to rotate it in any direction, revealing the 3D position of GPS, radar and weather satellites.

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