What Are the Little Bumps on Your Tongue?


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Little white bumps on the tongue can be related to enlarged papillae caused by an irritation of the taste buds, states WebMD. Fungiform papillae are the small bumps, which consist of taste buds, that are found on the tongue. Although certain foods can cause an irritation, other causes for painful white bumps are an injury, stress and hormonal problems, states DermNet NZ.

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The medical term for this condition is transient lingual papillitis. However, there is another condition similar to this one that is called eruptive lingual papillitis. Transient lingual papillitis seems to affect more women while eruptive lingual papillitus is associated more with children, according to DermNet NZ.

Although treatment may not be needed in most cases, doctors can recommend that patients use saltwater mouth rinses or an antiseptic mouthwash for this condition, states DermNet NZ.

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