What Is a List of Polymers?

A list of polymers includes nylon, polystyrene, polyethylene, latex, nitrile rubber, collagen and gutta percha. Polymers are made up of long strands of repeating molecules.

Polyethylene is made out of repeating units of ethylene, which are two double-bonded carbon atoms attached to four hydrogen atoms. Depending on the length of the chain of molecules, polyethylene can be made into anything from plastic bags, to ropes, to industrial strength gloves and packing blocks.

Latex is a type of rubber, which can be natural or synthetic. Natural latex is collected from rubber trees and can be found in a great variety of plants, including milkweed. It can be made artificially by building long chains of styrene molecules or monomers.

Gutta percha is a polymer derived from Palaquium trees. It's famous for being used to make boots, mourning jewelry, golf balls, photo holders and dental fillers.

Nylon is a polymer usually made of alternating units of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine. This makes it a co-polymer. A very strong fabric, it resists tearing even in items as delicate as nylon stockings.

Collagen is a natural polymer and a protein that makes up much of the connective tissue of living things. Collagen creates a springy layer beneath the skin and keeps it supple.