What Is a List of Homogeneous Mixtures?

A list of homogeneous mixtures is any list of chemical mixtures that are the same throughout such as water, alcohol, cologne, oil, gelatin, steel, gunpowder, coffee and even salt water. Homogeneous mixtures are identifiable by the way in which the components that make up the mixture are distributed.

A homogeneous mixture has the same proportions of components within any sample taken from it. For example, if a sample of salt water was taken from the ocean, the amount of salt relative to water would be the same. Even in the event that multiple samples from different parts of the ocean were taken, or different parts of the mixture, the proportions would still be the same.

Many homogeneous mixtures are known as a solution. A solution is a mixture that consists of a solute and a solvent. Solutes are substances that are able to be dissolved into solvents. For example, salt being dissolved into water to create salt water. Another common solution that acts as a homogeneous mixture is coffee. When cream or sugar is added to coffee, it dissolves into the solvent and changes the mixture, noticeably by taste and color. The change creates a new solution, which is a mixture that is the same throughout.