What Is Linnaeus' Two-Word System for Naming Organisms Called?

The two word system that was devised for naming organisms is called "binomial nomenclature." "Binomial" is defined as "two names."

Binomial nomenclature is the system which was proposed by Carl Linnaeus in the early 1700s. He is considered to be the "Father or Taxonomy." The system that he devised for classifying, naming and ranking organisms is currently still being put to use. His theological and philosophical roots have been controversial to many biologists, though he has influenced a great number of them throughout the past three centuries. The hierarchical classification system is based around the grouping of genera based on similarities. The system is much simpler than the long Latin names that were given to species and could be altered at will. The fact that many species of plants and animals were being brought over from other countries at the time made it important to come up with an efficient system for naming them.