How Do Lily Pads Grow?

Water lilies grow from a tuber underneath the water. As the plants grow, the stems and leaves break the surface of the water, and the blossoms begin to float. A person is able to grow water lilies in a tub at home as well.

Water lilies are very hardy, easy to plant, and can be grown in any hardiness zone. Since they are easy to care for, they are a good choice for a beginner gardener. The water lily blooms in the morning and closes after the sun goes down, but it only last for about three or four days before going back under the surface. The flower on a water lily appears from spring to fall, and it blooms in all colors with the exception of purple and blue.

Every winter the water lily becomes dormant, and during that time, it may be stored or left in the water. Water lilies that are considered to be tropical bloom in exotic colors, but they need a bit more care. The flowers of these plants are more prolific and larger than other water lilies. There are also water lilies that bloom only at night, and these varieties have very vibrant, electric colors. If growing tropical varieties of water lilies, it is important that the water remains over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and if kept outside, the tubers must be brought inside during the winter.