Are Lilies Poisonous?


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Several types of lilies are poisonous to humans. Climbing, glory and checkered lilies are highly toxic, and ingestion sometimes leads to severe illness or death. If any of these plants are eaten, a physician or Poison Control Center should be consulted at once.

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Other types of lilies are not dangerous, but still produce distress. African, belladonna, blood, crinum, Guernsey, kaffir, Peruvian and spider lilies often cause vomiting or diarrhea if eaten. In addition, their juice, sap or thorns trigger a skin irritation or rash. If ingested, the sap of the calla lily irritates the skin, mouth, tongue and throat. This sometimes causes upset stomach, throat swelling or breathing difficulties. The liquid is also a skin irritant.

In addition Easter, Tiger, Asiatic, Day and Japanese Show lilies are extremely toxic to cats. Ingestion of a small amount triggers kidney failure. Untreated, it brings about death within one week.

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