What Are Some Facts About Lights and Sounds?


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There are several facts about light and sound, such as light is the fastest moving thing in the universe and that many substances that conduct sound are better than air. According to HowStuffWorks, there are still many unknown aspects about light. In fact, only recently was it discovered that light can be slowed down by about 18 million times its usual speed.

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Despite the fact that light is generally perceived as white, it is actually a combination of all visible forms of color. There are also colors of light that the human eye is unable to perceive. There are animals that can produce their own light, which is called bioluminescene. The color of bioluminescent light is usually blue since many of the animals that create their own light are in the ocean, and blue light travels the furthest in water.

Sound is caused by vibrations in the air. These vibrations are created by various sources, such as vocal chords, vibrations in strings or even vibrations through solids, such as when someone knocks on a door. Sound can also be reflected. When a person hears an echo, it is actually the sound vibrations being bounced back towards its source after hitting a solid object.

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