What Are the Ligaments of the Foot?


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The ligaments of the foot are the intermetatarsal ligaments, lisfranc ligaments and joint capsule of the great toe. The intermetatarsal ligaments are divided into dorsal ligaments, plantar ligaments and interosseous ligaments.

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The dorsal ligaments, located at the top of the foot, are divided into the dorsal tarsometatrsal ligaments and dorsal metatarsal ligaments. They include the dorsal talonavicular ligament, dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament, dorsal navicular cuneiform ligament and dorsal intercunieform ligament. The plantar ligaments, located at the bottom of the foot, include the plantar fascia, long plantar ligament, plantar intermetatarsal ligament, plantar calcaneonavic ligament and plantar cuboideonavic ligament. The interosseous ligaments are located between the bones in the foot and include the bifurcated ligament and interosseous talocalcaneal ligament.

The lisfranc ligaments are located in the middle of foot to stabilize the bones and arch. If these ligaments tear, bruising, swelling and pain occur, and it can take several months to heal. Ice and elevation can treat the problem for partially torn ligaments, although severe tearing can require surgery.

The ligament attaching to the big toe is the joint capsule, a ligament surrounding the joint to form a capsule that holds joint fluid. It surrounds the two joints in the big toe and the entire first proximal phalanx bone.

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