What Is the Life Cycle of a Venus Flytrap?

The life cycle of a Venus flytrap lasts up to 20 years. The plant takes six years to reach maturity, at which point it becomes a perennial plant. This means the plant blooms every year until the end of its life cycle.

After planting, the Venus flytrap spends one year as a seedling. The "trap" part of the plant develops at this time, while the plant grows one to two millimeters in length. During its second year of life, the plant stays dormant while continuing to grow. The plant grows to at least 1 inch wide and the trap grows to almost 1 inch long. In the third year, the plant grows to approximately 2 inches, and the trap now has the ability to catch prey. In the sixth year, the plant reaches full maturity and blooms every year. After approximately 20 years, the life cycle ends.

Venus flytraps get their nutrients from the sun and from the insects that get caught in the trap. When the plant senses an insect within the trap, it closes the trap. The trap has bristles that interlock, which prevents the prey from escaping. The plant is found in the wild in North Carolina and South Carolina, but it is also found potted in homes around the world.