What Do Lice Eat?

lice-eat Credit: STEVE GSCHMEISSNER/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Lice eat small amounts of blood that they suck out of the skin. They are generally found in hairy areas of the body because their sticky feet allow them to hold onto hair while eating blood out of the skin.

Lice are parasitic creatures that need to feed off of other living things in order to be able to survive. Their main source of nourishment is within the blood and they will only be able to live when they are eating blood. Lice are attracted to humans because the warm skin provides a perfect place for them to live, be protected and get the nourishment they need. Due to the way that lice live, they are generally only found in areas of the skin that have hair.

Unlike other insects, but somewhat similar to other parasites, lice are not able to jump or fly. They are only able to be transmitted from one place to another when those things come into close contact. A person who has lice may put their head on another person and that person will get lice. Lice can also travel for short periods of time on people's clothing and are commonly found on hats. This is one of the most common ways that lice are transmitted in children.