What Lessons Can You Teach With a 3-D Human Body Model?


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With a 3D human body model, you can teach your students about the different systems that govern functions in the body. The more complicated and interactive the system, the easier it is to focus on individual body parts and systems within to learn about how the individual components work together, such as in the digestive or circulatory system.

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Build-a-Body is one website that provides students with a 3D model of the human body. The website has several interactive elements on which students can focus by zooming in from system to system. In addition to describing the function and connective elements of each system, the website provides students with helpful resources that focus on some diseases that affect individual body parts and systems.

The Bio Digital Human website is another resource that provides visitors with anatomy lessons and options. You can look at every aspect of the human body in 3D while also hiding or removing functional layers to review sections beneath. You can also create custom views for lesson plans and schedules.

The Zygote Body website is designed to act as a substitute for the previously functional Google Body program. It is designed to provide you with specific details on different parts of the human body through the use of 3D images.

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