What Do the Leg Muscles Look Like?


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When viewed anatomically, the leg muscles are seen as overlapping layers of striated muscle fibers that range in color from pale to dark red, depending on myoglobin content. These striated muscle fibers give the leg muscles their stripped appearance.

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The leg muscles' internal appearance differs from what can be seen externally, where the leg muscles take on varying forms depending on their function.

The hamstrings, which can be seen as the back of the thigh, are made up of three muscles and comprise a majority of the legs muscle mass. The adductors can be seen as the muscle on a person's inner thigh. The quadriceps, which are the leanest leg muscle, are made up of four sections at the front of the thigh. The gastrocnemius, one of the largest muscles of the leg, forms the upper part of the calf. The soleus can be seen as the round extension of the calf. The tibialis anterior can be seen as the thin strip of muscle that runs up the front of the shin.

Each individual muscle in the leg takes a unique form characteristic to a person's body, and the form of leg muscles can change depending on diet, age and exercise.

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