How Do You Learn to Call Animals by Listening to Their Sounds?


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Learn to call animals by listening to the sounds they make and then trying to replicate the sounds using your mouth. If you cannot make a good imitation of the animal sound using your mouth, try building or buying a call specifically for type of animal you want to attract. If this still does not work, make or download a recording of the animal's call, and use the recording to call the animal.

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If you want to call birds, listen to the calls of the specific type of bird you want to attract, and then use your lips, teeth and tongue to try and make a whistling sound that closely imitates the bird's call. If you do not have any success with this method, try using a manufactured call.

One type of manufactured bird call is the hand call. A hand call works like a primitive woodwind instrument by vibrating a reed against a piece of wood called a tone board to create sound. Depending on how hard you blow, as well as the relative sizes of the reed and the tone board, a hand call can imitate the calls of many different birds.

A versatile type of animal call is the diaphragm cell. Diaphragm cells use thin sheets of plastic stretched over a frame or tube. Most diaphragm calls attract ducks and other game fowl, but experienced hunters can even use diaphragm calls to call elk and moose.

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