What Are Some of the Latest Discoveries in Chemistry?

latest-discoveries-chemistry Credit: Yvette Cardozo/Taxi/Getty Images

New discoveries in chemistry include a special coating for roof tiles that reduces air pollution, the ability to provide information regarding the dangers of sewer gases and improvements in food storage options. New discoveries continue to improve human life and protect the environment.

Chemists have recently developed a special titanium dioxide coating for roof tiles which breaks down nitrogen oxide and reduces air pollution. The amount of nitrogen oxides broken down annually is equal to the amount an automobile produces driving 11,000 miles. According to ScienceDaily, the cost of titanium dioxide to treat an average home is about $5.

Another advancement in chemistry involves chemical analysis of sewer gas to determine the condition of sewer pipes. As pipelines begin to deteriorate, the gases emitted contain more sulfur dioxide and are more uniform in nature. This knowledge can warn maintenance teams as to when they should look for developing problems to be able prevent contamination of surface and ground water.

Chemistry also continues to improve food storage alternatives. ScienceDaily reports that use of essential oils from oregano and cloves in plastic wrap helps to retard the growth of mold and bacteria in bread. When bread that contains the commonly used calcium propionate is stored in normal plastic bags, the preservative loses its effectiveness after 10 days. However, bread stored in edible films made with these essential oils continues to remain fresh for a much greater period.