When Was the Last Time Kilauea Erupted?


As of March 2014, Kilauea is in a constant state of eruption. It had lain dormant for several hundred years until it suddenly erupted on January 3, 1983. Superheated air and magma spewed into the air, and Kilauea has been actively erupting since.

The Kilauea volcano erupts from two primary locations. The summit located at the Halema'uma'u crater continually vents and displays a plume in the sky. The east rift zone, which was created by the initial eruption called Pu'u 'O', pushes lava northwest through a forest.

Since 1983, the constant flow of lava into the ocean has created approximately 500 acres of new land but has also destroyed hundreds of homes. The volcano and the area surrounding it remains dangerous to visitors.