How Does Laser Cutting Work?


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The process of laser cutting involves the use of a high-powered laser beam to cut the design into the chosen medium, based on a design that is programmed into a computer. As the laser moves along the path of the design, it melts or burns the image or design into the material.

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Laser cutting is a technology that is used to cut custom fabricated designs into a particular type of medium such as metal or wood. The use of a laser to cut the image gives the manufacturer or fabricator the ability to create intricate designs and maintain a high-quality finish.

There are two types of laser technology used in laser cutting, as of 2015. These are gantry and galvanometer systems. The gantry system is generally used for the production of prototypes of products, because the process is often slow. This is due to the machine having to physically move the laser across the medium being cut. On the other hand, galvanometer systems utilize mirrors to redirect and position the laser, allowing for cutting speeds as fast as 100 feet per minute. Because of the precision and speed of the galvanometer technology, fabricators tend to choose this system for the production of the final products for consumers.

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