What Is the Large Fiber Tract Connecting the Cerebral Hemispheres?


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The large fiber tract connecting the cerebral hemispheres is the corpus callosum. This huge bundle of nerve tissue lets the brain's right and left sides communicate. The corpus callosum is situated in the middle of the brain under the cerebrum, the largest section of the brain.

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Since brain hemispheres specialize in certain functions, the corpus callosum helps coordinate brain activities. This results in fluid movement and complicated thought processes, for example.

Some people are born with missing, incomplete or thin corpus callosum. This often leads to learning and social disabilities. Developmental milestones such as walking and talking are delayed. Motor coordination is limited. Individuals with these disorders typically have language difficulties, and complex reasoning and problem solving skills are affected. Interpersonal problems, including insensitivity to others and misunderstanding of social cues, develop.

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