What Are Some Large Earthquakes That Have Happened in the United States?


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Some of the largest earthquakes in the history of the United States include the 1964 Great Alaska earthquake and the earthquake that hit the Cascadia subduction zone in 1700. The 1964 earthquake was 9.2 magnitude, and the 1700 earthquake was 9 magnitude. These are the only earthquakes in the United States to register over 9 magnitude.

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The 1964 Great Alaska earthquake and tsunami took the lives of 131 people, and hundreds of millions of dollars in property loss. The city of Anchorage, which is about 120 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, took most of the damage, and the destruction of about 30 blocks of the city was part of the tragedy. Several commercial buildings, such as the Four Seasons apartment building and the J.C. Penney Company building were destroyed by the earthquake. The earthquake also destroyed many schools and small towns and caused a landslide.

The Cascadia subduction zone is the largest earthquake to occur in the lower 48 states. It hit the area of Cascadia, which includes Oregon, California, Washington and British Columbia. This earthquake also set off a tsunami that hit the Pacific coast of the United States and also traveled across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. In Japan, the tsunami destroyed several coastal villages.

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