What Are Lanzones?


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Lanzones are a seasonal fruit that originate from western Southeast Asia. They grow in bunches similar to grapes, but the fruit is twice the size. Lanzones have a yellowish skin with flesh that is nearly translucent. The flesh tastes similar to a grapefruit, but it is less bitter and contains less juice.

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What Are Lanzones?
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Lanzones are grown mainly for their fruit, but the entire tree can be used. Due to its resiliency, the wood of the tree is used to build houses, while the bark is used to treat dysentery and malaria. The bark is also powdered and used to treat scorpion stings, while the resin from the bark is used to treat excess gas, swelling and prevent spasms.

The seeds of the fruit are ground into powder and mixed with water to create a cure for intestinal worms. The fruit's skin is used to treat diarrhea, or it can be dried and burned as a mosquito repellent or used as incense. The fruit itself is used as an antipyretic to lower body temperature and alleviate fevers. According to the InterAksyon website, nutritionists say that lanzones are rich in vitamin A, carotene, protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B2, and thiamine.

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