What Landforms Start With the Letter "E"?

Some types of landforms that begin with the letter "E" are an escarpment, an estuary and an esker. Part of the topography of an area, a landform is a physical feature of the terrain and includes ocean features as well.

An escarpment is a transition between landforms that contains a cliff made of land or rock that usually results from a fault or fracture of the earth. One example of an escarpment is located in Texas and separates the coast from the inland part of the state.

An estuary is a body of water, partly enclosed, where salt water and fresh water mix. The Chesapeake Bay is an example of an estuary.

An esker is a narrow ridge that often goes on for miles and is composed of stratified gravel and sand. Such landforms are found in New England, Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland.