Why Are Landfills Good?

landfills-good Credit: Ray Van Eng Photography/Moment/Getty Images

One reason that landfills are good is because they allow the government to monitor waste disposal. Although the thought of a landfill of garbage and waste does not sound appealing, they're quite beneficial to society.

Before the creation and regulation of landfills, individuals and businesses harmed communities by dumping their wastes without considering the safety of the public. Landfills help to protect the ecosystem by managing and containing waste that may pose a hazard to people and the environment. These sites can also be helpful in renewing the planet's natural resources. Most of the waste brought into landfills tends to produce gas byproducts. Some landfills are equipped to harness these gaseous products and turn the gases into new fuel that is safe for the environment. To prevent any gas products or harmful wastes from leaking into the ground, landfills use a drainage system. Landfill operators also use tools that have the ability to digest organic compost. With these tools, organic compost can be converted into gas that can be used for energy sources and liquid fertilizer. Landfills can run more efficiently through recycling. When the public recycles, landfill operators have an easier time reducing the amount of trash instead of waiting for materials that could have been recycled to breakdown into compost.