What Is a Land Survey Calculator?


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A land survey calculator is a specialty tool that performs mathematical calculations using the formulas that are commonly needed by land surveyors. A land surveyor is someone who accurately finds and records the geographical position and dimensions of features on Earth.

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Land surveyors use geometry and calculus to record their findings to a high degree of accuracy. The formulas they use range from very simple to very complicated, and sometimes deal with very large or very small numbers that are unwieldy. To speed up these tough calculations and ensure they are correct, land surveyors use digital calculators designed especially for land surveying and civil engineering.

Many of these calculators use Reverse Polish Notation, or RPN. RPN is a way of entering numeric input to a digital computer or calculator. It allows land surveyors to enter complex mathematical expressions without needing to distinguish the order of operations via parentheses. This is useful as it can prevent mistakes from typos or mismatching parentheses.

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