What Are KVA Calculators?


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KVA calculators are online tools offered by various websites that aid in kVA calculations. Electrical engineering utilizes kVA calculations to measure an unknown quantity by two known quantities for single-phase and three-phase connections. RapidTables offers one calculator for this purpose that converts kVA, or kilovolt-amps, to amps. The process involves entering a phase number, the apparent power in kilovolt-amps and the value of volts, and then pressing the calculate button to get the result of the current in amps.

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Diesel Service & Supply also offers several online electrical power calculators on the company website, such as calculators that convert kVA to kilowatts and those that convert kW to kVA. There are also tools that calculate amperes when the kVA is known. The site notes that the calculators it offers are to assist with calculations only and that it is best to seek assistance from a certified electrician when complex electrical calculations are involved.

The single phase kVA to amps calculation formula, used by sites such as RapidTables, employs the equation I(A) = 1000 × S(kVA) / V(V). Here, the current "I" in amps is equivalent to the apparent power "S" in kilovolt-amps times 1000, divided by the voltage "V" in volts.

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