Where Do Koalas Come From?


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Koalas are native to the coastal regions of eastern and southeastern Australia. They can be found in the Australian states of Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

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Where Do Koalas Come From?
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The Koala is an arboreal animal, meaning that it spends the majority of its time in trees. It eats a diet that is primarily composed of eucalyptus leaves and spends over 90 percent of its time on eucalyptus trees. Due to the high water content of the eucalyptus, all but the largest koalas are able to meet their daily water requirements from the eucalyptus leaves alone.

This reliance on the eucalyptus tree as a food source and home limits the koala habitat to woodland terrain. As these environments have shrunk due to increased urbanization, the overall koala population has shrunk as well. As of 2014, the koala is classified as "vulnerable" in the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales. In the states of Victoria and South Australia, however, the population is identified as abundant, with an estimated 200,000 koalas living in those regions.

Koalas are popular creatures in zoos throughout the world. In 1881, a live specimen was purchased by the Zoological Society of London and became the first koala taken into captivity for display outside of Australia.

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