What Kingdom Does a Paramecium Belong To?


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The paramecium belongs to Kingdom Protista. The protists are single-celled organisms that have membrane-bound structures called organelles. Many protists live in watery environments. The paramecium moves around water using tiny hair-like projections called cilia.

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What Kingdom Does a Paramecium Belong To?
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The paramecia consist of several species, but all have a similar slipper shape surrounded by cilia. Other protozoans include the amoeba and the organisms that cause malaria and African sleeping sickness. Paramecia belong to a group of protists called protozoans, organisms that behave like animals. The paramecium, like other protozoans, must consume food to survive. Other protists, such as algae, can make their own food like plants. The slime molds are protists that exhibit behaviors similar to fungi.

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