What Kind of Animals Live in Wetlands?

The kinds of animals that live in wetlands include a wide variety of birds, fish, frogs, reptiles and mammals. The specific species of animals that are found in wetlands are determined by the wetland’s location. For example, some birds that live in the wetlands of New South Wales include grebes, pelicans, cormorants, crakes, rails, ibis, egrets, herons, shorebirds, ducks, geese and swans.

Other animals in the wetlands of New South Wales include Murray cod, golden perch, Australian smelt, southern corroboree frogs, water rats and platypuses.

Birds such as paradise shelducks, North Island fernbirds, Australasian bitterns, secretive marsh birds, spotless crakes, shovelers, brown teals and grey teals are found in the wetlands of New Zealand. Other animals that live there include black mudfish, inangas and banded and giant kokopu.

The wetlands of the United States are home to tree swallows, yellow warblers, alder flycatchers and a variety of waterfowl. Some other animals that are found there include wood turtles, massasaugas, water shrews, muskrats and beaver.

Many of the animals that live in wetlands rely on the regular, natural flooding that occurs there to regulate their breeding cycles and provide refuge during droughts. Birds such as colonial nesting waterbirds and migratory waterbirds use the wetlands to rest, feed and breed during their annual migration. Wetlands also act as nurseries for a variety of fish during breeding.