How Do You Kill H. Pylori Bacteria Naturally?


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There is no effective, natural way to kill H. pylori bacteria. The only reliable way to kill H. pylori is through antibiotic therapy. There are natural treatments to effectively manage the symptoms of H. pylori-induced ulcers, but these therapies do not kill the bacteria.

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The most effective way to kill H. pylori is a combination therapy of multiple antibiotics and gastric acid-suppressing drugs. Amoxicillin, clarithromycin, metronidazole and tetracycline are antibiotics commonly used to kill H. pylori bacteria. Bismuth-based stomach medicines also demonstrate limited effectiveness in killing H. pylori when used alongside antibiotics.

Natural ways to treat the symptoms of H. pylori include avoiding medications and foods that irritate the stomach lining, eating foods that naturally soothe the stomach and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Making sure that cooked foods are fully cooked and raw foods are thoroughly washed is a natural way to avoid H. pylori infection.

High-fiber foods, yogurt and other fermented foods that provide beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract, green tea and water are all foods and beverages that help manage the symptoms of H. pylori-induced ulcers. Milk has a temporary soothing effect on the stomach, but increases acid production in the long run and is not recommended for ulcer treatment. Carbonated beverages, spicy foods, coffee and foods that contain citric acid exacerbate H. pylori symptoms.

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