How Do You Do a Kidney Flush?


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To do a kidney flush, also referred to as a kidney cleanse, drink plenty of water, follow a low-protein diet and avoid consuming chocolate and caffeine. Drink plenty of cranberry and pomegranate juice, and consume detoxifying herbs, such as ginger and parsley. Speak to a doctor before beginning a kidney flush.

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  1. Drink plenty of water

    Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to flush toxins from the kidneys. The water also helps improve circulation to the kidneys.

  2. Eat a low-protein diet

    Avoid consuming meat, dairy, eggs and seafood. These foods contain large amounts of phosphorous and can cause calcium deposits that negatively affect the kidneys. Also avoid caffeine, chocolate and rhubarb while doing a kidney flush, as they irritate the kidneys and can cause kidney stone attacks in those at risk.

  3. Drink plenty of cranberry and pomegranate juice

    Drink 100-percent cranberry or pomegranate juice to help enhance healthy functioning of the kidneys. Blueberry juice also contains nutrients that improve kidney function.

  4. Consume detoxifying herbs

    Herbs, such as ginger and parsley, help aid kidney and liver detoxification. For a kidney cleanse, take two ginger capsules before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively, wash four bunches of fresh parsley in hot water, then boil the parsley in a quart of water. Drink 1/4 cup of the liquid when it cools, store the rest in the refrigerator, and drink 1/4 cup once a day for three weeks.

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