How Do You Jump for Bone Density?


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The best way to perform jumps for bone density is to alternate jumps with 30-second rest breaks. No plyometric boxes or benches are necessary; jumping up and down on the floor is adequate, provided that the person jumps as high as she can each time.

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Research shows that jumping 10 times twice each day helps the body elevate bone density more effectively than jogging or running. Over time, the aging process causes a decline in bone density for sedentary people, but jumping reverses that trend significantly.

People develop bone density during adolescence and early adulthood, with peak bone mass around the age of 25. Women in particular are susceptible to bone-density loss, as they can lose as much as 20 to 25 percent of bone density within a decade after menopause.

This trend is exacerbated by people who stop performing the types of exercise that build bone density. However, those who perform the jumps on a daily basis give their bones the regular sort of stress that signals to the brain that the bones need to build their strength. While the ability to add bone density decreases with age, even people who were sedentary for most of their adult lives can still benefit from starting and maintaining a regular jumping routine.

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