How Do You Get a Job in Crime Scene Clean-Up?

job-crime-scene-clean-up Credit: tales of a wandering youkai/CC-BY-2.0

There are two main ways to get a job in crime scene clean-up: completing individual training or looking for a company that is hiring technicians. Both options come with their own pros and cons, so it is best for a person to choose the method that fits their personality the best.

The most common method for becoming a crime scene clean-up technician is to look for a local company that is hiring. These companies have strict rules for how their employees are trained and want only people who can dedicate themselves to this type of work. Each potential employee goes through a rigorous physical and mental exam, along with a background check. These exams are designed to identify key reasons why the company should not hire a person, such as the person wants only wants to break into the industry to see crime scenes because there will be a lot of blood.

Another way to become a crime scene clean-up technician is to complete the advanced training and then let the local coroner know that a new technician is available in their area. This training is time consuming, but it can be completed online through a number of virtual courses that teach about blood borne pathogens and how to properly clean up bodily fluids.