What Do Jalapeno Plants Look Like?


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Jalapeño plants produce green pepper pods, and are often 2-4 feet tall, with slender green stalks and leaves. These plants require a warm climate to thrive and will produce white flowers and jalapeño pods that are typically picked when green, but will turn red if left to ripen. Jalapeño peppers are 2-3 inches in length, with a green waxy looking skin.

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What Do Jalapeno Plants Look Like?
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When watering a jalapeño plant, it is best to avoid getting water on the peppers. Instead, slowly pour water near the tops of the plant, aiming to drip the water down the stalks. Pests can present a problem for jalapeño gardeners, but can be warded off by daily inspection and removal of pests or a natural insecticide like Neem oil.

Unlike most plants, jalapeños are most often picked well before they are fully ripened. After a time, jalapeños will turn red if left to ripen, but most are harvested when the jalapeño is a solid green color and is firm to the touch.

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