How Do You Find ISS Sighting Opportunities by City?


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The NASA website has a feature called "spot the station" which lists International Space Station viewing opportunities by city. The feature displays the best time to see the ISS from a certain location including which part of the sky it appears in and how long it is visible.

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The website Nasa.gov offers specific information about viewing opportunities with a tool called Sighting Locations Lookup. Users select a country, region and city and receive details about when and if the space station is visible in that area. The information is provided in a table listing date and time, direction and degrees above the horizon, and length of time that the space station is visible.

The website iss.astroviewer.net also provides a tool for looking up potential viewing opportunities by geographic location. Earthsky.org gives valuable advice about how to spot the ISS using the details provided by NASA as the position is given in degrees and can be confusing. For example, a position of 90 degrees is directly overhead.

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