What Is Isobutyl Formate?


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Isobutyl formate is a chemical compound formed by the dilution of isobutanol with formic acid. It has a molecular formula of C5H10O2, indicating that the compound contains 5 atoms of carbon, 10 atoms of hydrogen and 2 atoms of oxygen in each molecule of the substance.

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Isobutyl formate is an organic ester that also goes by the names 2-methylpropyl methanoate, isobutyl methanoate, isobutyl ester and tetryl formate. It has a molar mass of about 102.13 grams per mole. Isobutyl formate has a boiling point of 209.1 degrees Fahrenheit and a melting point of -141 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a density of 0.89 grams per milliliter.

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