Which Island Is the Largest on Earth?


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Greenland is the largest island on Earth at 839,999 square miles. Larger land masses surrounded by water such as Australia are continents, not islands. The next two largest islands are New Guinea at 309,000 square miles and Borneo at 287,300 square miles.

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Greenland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Ocean. It is northeast of Canada, though it is part of Europe culturally and was under Danish rule historically. About 81 percent of Greenland has ice caps and permafrost. The island has no forest, no arable land or permanent crops, and less than 1 percent pasture land as of 2011.

The island's natural land-based resources include coal, iron, diamonds, gold and uranium. Hydropower, fish and whales are some of its sea-based resources.

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