What Are Island Facts for Kids?

Some facts include: islands can be created by volcanic explosions, the largest island in the world is Greenland and Rhode Island is not a true island. The size of islands are constantly changing due to tides of the ocean, and it is hard to determine the smallest island in the world.

Islands generally occur naturally in one of two ways. They can be created by volcanic eruptions, like the islands of Hawaii. These volcanic eruptions are constantly building up the amount of land, or volcanic material, that is above the ocean and will eventually create an island. Another way that islands naturally occur is when tectonic plates begin to shift. This shift can create different areas of land in the middle of oceans that were not there to begin with. Islands can also be created by using machines that force sand to the top of the ocean instead of the bottom. All islands have ecosystems that are specific to the island.

The most popular island in the United States, apart from the island state of Hawaii, is Ellis Island. It is located in New York and is the first place that many of the immigrants of the past saw when coming to the United States.

Although many people may think that Australia is the biggest island, it is not considered a true island because it is a continent. The largest true island is Greenland, but it is around 1/3 the size of Australia. The continent is the largest continent island in the world, but is not generally referred to as an island.