How Is Iron Used?


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According to The Royal Society of Chemistry, iron is the most useful of all metals. It is used to manufacture steel, which is used in civil engineering and in manufacturing. Chromium added to steel results in stainless steel. In addition, iron is an essential element for all forms of life, circulating as haemoglobin in the blood of humans.

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How Is Iron Used?
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Some of iron's many uses include machine tools, automobiles, the hulls of large ships, structural components for buildings and the making of alloys. Steel, an alloy of iron, is used as a skeleton for most modern structures, such as stadiums, skyscrapers, bridges and airports. It is also used in other construction materials such as bolts, nails and screws. It has been used for pipelines, mining, offshore construction, aerospace, white goods such as washing machines, heavy equipment such as bulldozers, office furniture, steel wool and armor, both personal and vehicle. Steel is used to make wires, railroad tracks, cutlery, rulers, surgical instruments, watches, guns and rail passenger vehicles.

In terms of medical uses, according to WebMD, iron is effective for anemia caused by chronic disease and for fixing an iron deficiency. It may possibly be effective for helping with learning problems, coughs caused by ACE inhibitors and heart failure.

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