What Are Some Interesting Facts About the White Oak Tree?

Interesting facts about the white oak tree include its longevity, height and color. It is a deciduous tree and is native to the central and eastern areas of the United States.

The white oak tree can live to 300 years or more. It also can grow to heights of 100 feet or more. It is known for its spreading habit and being wider than it is tall. The tree can live at altitudes of over 4,000 feet, though above this altitude, the tree becomes a bush.

The tree flowers in the spring when new leaves start to sprout. New leaves have a violet tint when they first open. Acorns only start appearing in abundance when the tree is 50 years old or so. They are used as food for both animals and humans and are between half an inch and an inch long. Acorns are usually attached directly to the branch without a stalk and fall in September or October. The bark of the white oak is rarely white but usually pale, silvery gray.

The upper part of the white oak leaf is a glossy, dark green while the lower part is paler and downy when it is young. After turning a deep red in the fall, leaves sometimes persist on the tree throughout the winter.