What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Triceratops for Kids to Learn?


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Interesting facts about the triceratops include that these massive creatures lived approximately 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, and its scientific name is Triceratops horridus. These animals were herbivores and could have up to 800 teeth during its lifetime.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Triceratops for Kids to Learn?
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The name triceratops comes from the Greek and stands for three-horned face. Triceratops is a dinosaur that belongs to a suborder called ceratopsia. These dinosaurs had two head horns and one at its snout. The head, which had a frill around it, could measure up to 5 feet across. A triceratops could be up to 30 feet long. Adult triceratops weighed between 7 and 12 tons and were as tall as 9 feet.

These animals probably lived in herds and were slow due to their weight and stout legs. Being herbivores, they also ate massive quantities of vegetation and tree parts with their powerful jaws and extremely sharp teeth.

Fossils of this dinosaur were found in Denver in 1887 and Wyoming in 1888. The triceratops is the state dinosaur of Wyoming. Scientists have found parts of nearly 50 skulls and skeletal remains in areas of the United States that include Montana. These dinosaurs lived In North America. Some scientists also believe that there could be up to 16 species of triceratops. However, there are only two species that are valid currently.

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