What Are Some Interesting Facts About Saturn?

interesting-saturn Credit: NASA/WireImage/Getty Images

One of the most interesting facts about the planet Saturn is that the entire planet is surrounded by seven large rings that consist of various particles. Another fact is that Saturn has 53 known moons, and each has a confirmed orbit.

The particles within the rings of Saturn range from tiny dust-sized shards of ice to rocks the size of mountains. Saturn's rings are by far the largest in the solar system. They have a thickness of approximately 3,200 feet and they span up to 175,000 miles. They have been revealed by the Cassini probe as being very dynamic in nature. The particles in the rings are always active and often collide with one another.

In 2010, a massive storm began on the surface of Saturn. Within a few months, the storm spread to most of the planet and produced the largest temperature increase ever recorded on a planet. The storm eventually subsided about a year after it began.

Titan is Saturn's largest moon and is so large that it affects the orbits of other nearby moons. It is the second largest moon in the solar system.

Saturn is a gas planet and so consists mostly of the elements hydrogen and helium and does not have a solid surface. A day on the planet is only 10.7 hours long, yet the planet takes approximately 29 Earth years to orbit the sun.