What Are Some Interesting Facts About Paricutin?

Paricutin (also known as Volcan de Paricutin) is the first volcano that had a complete life cycle, from birth to extinction, that was observed by scientists. It is located at Uruapan Municipality, Michoacán, Mexico, and the last eruption occurred from 1943 to 1952.

Paricutin appears on many versions of Seven Natural Wonders of the World lists. One of the most interesting facts about this volcano is that a P'urhépecha farmer named Dionisio Pulido and his wife witnessed the initial eruption of ash and stones first-hand while working in a field on February 20, 1943. Within a day, the eruption had generated a 50-meter-high scoria cone, and within a week, it had grown to a height of 100 meters because of the accumulation of volcanic bombs and lapilli, and fine ash was raining on the village of Paricutin.