What Are Some Interesting Facts About Outer Space?


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Because space is a vacuum, sound waves are not capable of travelling within it. However, probes carry equipment capable of detecting electromagnetic waves in the clouds of ionized gas that they encounter. These waves occur at the same frequencies as sound and may be played through a speaker as audio.

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While it is not detectable by the human ear, electromagnetic waves of this type may be found throughout the solar system and into interstellar space. A recording titled "The Sounds of Interstellar Space" on NASA.gov was recorded by the Voyager 1 probe after it had crossed the heliosphere and entered interstellar space. NASA has also recorded and made available an audio recording of what scientists call the chorus, an electromagnetic phenomenon that is caused by the plasma waves in the Earth's radiation belts. NASA has entitled this recording "Earthsong."

Space is very cold. In interstellar space, away from sources of heat such as the sun and planets, the temperature falls to an average of 2.725 Kelvin, or about -454.72 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature represents the leftover thermal energy of the Big Bang, distributed throughout the universe, and is referred to as the cosmic microwave background radiation or relic radiation.

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