What Are Some Interesting New Discoveries in Chemistry?


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Among the interesting new discoveries in chemistry as of 2015 are the world's first "porous liquid." Additionally, science has discovered a new way to make lithium-ion batteries that won't explode in low-pressure environments such as aircraft cargo holds, a supermolecule that blocks the Ebola virus, and a chemical that absorbs mercury from the soil and water.

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Scientists at Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland invented the world's first "porous liquid," which is composed of molecules that do not fill up all the space in the liquid and therefore allow greater amounts of gases to be absorbed. The invention of an entirely new property has the potential to revolutionize many chemical processes.

Lithium-ion batteries pose problems in high-temperature and low-pressure environments, where they can explode. Scientists at Rice University discovered a new way to make lithium-ion batteries from a combination of materials, including an electrolyte derived from clay, that are stable at high temperatures and low pressures.

Researchers working in Madrid, Spain discovered that a polymer based on a carbon supermolecule blocks the expansion of the Ebola virus in animal cells. The discovery could lead to a cure for Ebola and highlights the potential of research on carbon molecules to revolutionize many scientific fields.

Researchers in Australia invented a polymer based on a chemical derived from orange peel that absorbs mercury, providing hope that an efficient and economical method for removing an especially dangerous pollutant is on the horizon.

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