What Are Some Interesting Facts About Mt. Hood?

Mount Hood is Oregon's tallest mountain and the fourth highest in the Cascade Range. Another interesting fact is that its last eruption was in 1866. It is now considered a dormant volcano, but is still monitored.

The elevation of Mount Hood has varied over the years with modern measurements ranging from 11,239 feet to 11,249 feet. A 1993 expedition to survey the mountain measured it at 11,240 feet, and is said to be accurate within 1.25 inches.

The U. S. Geological Society gives Mount Hood a 3 to 7 percent chance of erupting over the next 30 years. It is being monitored for the number of earthquakes to increase, as small earthquake swarms every year are already occurring. When Mount Hood erupts again, it will displace thousands of residents in the surrounding area.

Mount Hood is a major destination for skiing, hiking and other types of tourism. There are six mountain ski areas covering over 4,600 acres of terrain. Mount Hood National Forest covers a total of 1,067,043 acres of land, within that being 1,200 acres of hiking trails. A popular tourist attraction is the Timberline Lodge, which is a National Historic Landmark located in the Mount Hood National Forest.