What Are Some Interesting Facts About Meteorology?

One interesting fact about meteorology is that it was founded by the Greeks in the 7th century BC. The Times of London printed the first daily weather forecast on Aug. 1, 1861 by Admiral Robert Fitzroy. Nicholas of Cusa was a German inventor who created the first weather instrument in the 15th century. "Twister," "The Day After Tomorrow" and "The Perfect Storm" are movies based on meteorology.

Thales of Miletus hypothesized that weather was caused by the movement of the stars and planets. Aristotle founded the science of meteorology in 340 BC, when he published "Meteorological." His original findings explained that weather was caused by the intermingling of earth, air, fire and water. Aristotle was the first to deduce that heat caused water to evaporate.

Fitzroy predicted sea storms, but London citizens criticized him, which is why his daily forecasts in The Times ended in 1866. Nicolas of Cusa invented a tool that measured condensation by hanging wool that became heavier with water.

The movie "Twister" is about storm chasers who create an advanced tornado tracking system. "The Day After Tomorrow" is about a paleoclimatologist who travels across America to reach his son as an Ice Age is brought on by a huge storm. "The Perfect Storm" follows the lives of fishermen who get caught in a dangerous storm while at sea.