What Are Some Interesting Facts About John Dalton?

interesting-john-dalton Credit: Ian Cuming/Ikon Images/Getty Images

John Dalton lived in the 18th century and is a pioneer of scientific topics including atomic theory and colorblindness. Dalton himself was colorblind, and this condition is sometimes referred to as Daltonism.

As a pioneer in the field of chemistry, John Dalton led what many scientists believe to be an interesting life. Dalton was born to a poor English family at a time when it was difficult for poor people to get a formal education, but he triumphed over adversity and was even teaching at his Quaker school by the time he was 12 years old. He became the principal of a school while he was still in his teens. Dalton's hard work allowed him to attend university, and he ended up studying a variety of scientific topics, including meteorology and the chemical makeup and nature of air. His funeral was attended by about 40,000 mourners.